Cleanings & Tooth Fillings

Let Dr. Sims clean up your smile!

Everyone needs a deep teeth cleaning on a regular basis. Sims Family Dentistry is the Garner general dentistry office that is prepared to help your smile look its best. We can perform deep dental cleanings, as well as diagnose any oral issues we discover during said cleaning. If you need a filling, we provide quick, efficient dental filling services. A quick filling can help clear up dead and decaying tooth particles, as well as alleviate any pain or discomfort you may feel. We perform fillings following the below steps, so you know exactly what to expect:

  • First, the area around the tooth is numbed using an anesthetic, so you feel absolutely no pain during the procedure
  • Next, the dentist clears away all the decay
  • Then, the area is wiped clean and made ready for the filling
  • Lastly, the area is filled in and your smile is back and better than before

If you have not had a regular deep teeth cleaning within the last six months, contact us today at 919-773-3050.

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